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D'orgine autrichienne, la chanteuse Janna Kate s'est formée musicalement non seulement en étudiant à Vienne, la capitale musicale par excellence, mais d'autant plus en parcourant le monde et ses différentes cultures. C'est en fréquentant les clubs de New York qu'elle s'est véritablement initiée au jazz et en parcourant les rues de Rio de Janeiro qu'elle a assimilé les rythmes de la bossa nova et de la samba. C'est au Mexique et en République Dominicaine que sa carrière professionelle débute alors que pendant près de deux ans, elle chante entre cinq et six soirs chaque semaine. À Moumbai, Janna Kate s'est également initiée au chant traditionnel indien. Elle se perfectionne présentement auprès de Ranee Lee à Montréal.


Janna Kate's story
Austrian born, now Montreal-based singer Janna Kate left her hometown at an early age to explore the world and seek creative inspiration.

After receiving her high school diploma at an art school, she first moved to New York, where she immediately fell in love with the city’s Blues and Jazz. She took singing workshops at NYU and Berklee College of Music. She then relocated to Mexico to experience another culture and started singing professionally. After two years, Janna moved to Vienna and studied Jazz Voice at a Viennese conservatory.

The singer couldn't stay in the same place for too long and traveled around the world for one year. In Rio de Janeiro, her love for Bossa Nova and Samba grew stronger and in Mumbai, she took classical Indian singing lessons. She found singing, performing and being surrounded by local (jazz) musicians all around the globe extremely inspiring.

The multilingual singer, who is fluent in German, English, French, and Spanish, settled down in Montreal where she performs in venues and jazz clubs throughout the city. Janna is currently studying jazz voice with the award-winning American singer Ranee Lee at McGill University in Canada.