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Governance and management

In 1993, the Association des organismes musicaux du Québec, founded in 1987, became the Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM).

The 15 directors of the CQM's board of directors embody the diversity of the music community. They are elected for a two-year term and may serve two consecutive mandates, after which they must yield their position for at least one year. Since 2005, thirteen of the directors have been elected during the annual general members' meeting, with the remaining two positions being co-opted in order to ensure a balance between skills, territories and sectors of activity. The mandate of the co-opted directors is for only a one-year term, after which they can seek a regular, two-year mandate during the subsequent annual general meeting.

In 2015, a new membership category was created: the non-incorporated ensemble. ??In 2015, after providing 17 years of service to the CQM, Sylvie Gamache stepped down as executive director and was replaced by Dominic Trudel.

In 2017, the CQM adopted a policy on working conditions.

Stability and continuity of services
For the past 15 years, the CQM has focused on ensuring the consistency of its various initiatives in order to maximize its impact on the music community, within the scope of its limited human and financial means. As well, its services and activities have been designed and coordinated to complement one another, an approach that ensures their relevance, effectiveness and sustainability:
  • Since 1995, Diapason management support – Objective: to contribute to improving the management of organizations, by supporting them so they can retain the services of a specialized resource for drafting a funding application and for accounting;
  • Since 1996, Opus: coordination of the awards and production of the awards gala (1997) – Objective: to acknowledge excellence and promote concert music;
  • Since 1999, Diapason professional development – Objective: to promote the professional development of the music community;
  • Since 2008, Circulation of music in Québec – Objective: to favour concert tours through Québec;
  • Since 2009, Grand Rendez-vous de la musique (Big Music Gathering) – Objective: to bring disseminators and musicians closer together by providing them with information and training and by encouraging collaboration on themes and issues surrounding the promotion of concert music;
  • Since 2012, the platform – Objective: to list concert offerings from CQM members in order to promote concert tours through Québec. 

Among the CQM's highlights:

Representation and consultation
The CQM is a leader and a participant in numerous and ongoing representational and consultative activities—which at times take place in a concerted manner and at other times independently, and focus specifically on the music community or seek to position music within the broader Québec cultural landscape. 
  • Since 1999, a founding and active member of the Mouvement pour les arts et les lettres (MAL);
  • Since 1999, member of Compétence Culture, the sectoral committee for the cultural industry;
  • Since 2013, member of the Groupe de travail sur la fréquentation des arts de la scène (GTFAS) (working group on performing arts attendance);
  • Extensive survey among the CQM membership regarding needs, expectations and issues for 2004–2007 (2004);
  • Initiatives and mobilization to keep the Bon Pasteur Historical Chapel from having to cease its programming (2008);
  • Mobilization of the music community to protest cuts to federal funding for the production and promotion of sound recordings (2009);
  • Study of needs for professional development (2010);
  • Study of impacts and needs for professional development (2014);
  • Literature review on the development of digital content in the field of concert music (2016);
  • Memorandum on the renewal of the Government of Québec's cultural policy (2016);
  • Memorandum on academic success (2016);
  • Member of the advisory committee – study conducted by Art Expert for the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications: Portrait du soutien financier gouvernemental aux organismes en arts et lettres au Québec (on the financial support for Québec's arts and letters organizations), January 2016;
  • Founding member of the coalition La culture, le cœur du Québec (2017).

Promotion of music and development of an audience

  • Since 2011, publishing of publications for initiation to music and seminars for initiation to music;
  • Adoptez un musicien ! , a media promotional campaign (2004–2013);
  • Production and distribution of the Musique pour jeune public directory (2006);
  • The Web series Accro du mois: production and promotion of video capsules featuring CQM members, in partnership with La Fabrique culturelle, Télé-Québec's digital platform (2013–2015).

Development on the international stage

  • Participation in CINARS (international exchange for the performing arts), through a collective kiosk and seminars (2000);
  • In collaboration with the Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec (CMAQ), a collective presence at the Musicora music fair in Paris (2001–2009).