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Associative activities

Industry committees and tables: complimentary operations

In addition to the board of directors, various industry committees and tables contribute to the development of CQM activities. Every year, participants contribute more than 1 000 hours of volunteer work.
  • Committees study specific questions and launch different activities.
  • Industry tables are responsible for files related to their specific sector.
Throughout the year, these groups meet as required by the current needs and as their files evolve.
  • The Young audience (Jeune public) table 
  • The media table, the Opus Committee
  • The Diapason Committee 
  • The Circulation of music in Québec table

The Prix Opus (Opus Awards) - Development, promotional and distribution activities

The Prix Opus (Opus Awards) were created by the CQM in 1996 to highlight excellence, vitality and diversity of the Québec music scene every year. By showcasing the quality and plurality of Québec music, the CQM seeks to broaden public awareness of this discipline.

The Prix Opus (Opus Awards) cover the various repertoires of concert music (Medieval, Baroque, Classical, Current, Jazz, etc.). They reward the work of individuals associated with concert production and distribution as well as sound recording and publication of written material.

Representational activities: increasing the outreach of concert music

Inasmuch as possible, the CQM participates in all forums, committees and discussions that could influence the development of concert music.

For a number of years now, collaboration with other cultural organizations has become most important. CQM management and certain elected individuals regularly participate in projects with interdisciplinary groups or committees. The CQM participates in nearly all debates and discussions on stage arts. It actively collaborates in various files related to the development of the discipline it represents. This greater visibility of the CQM aims at increasing co-operation and dialogue between professional artists? associations, national groups and service organizations.

The CQM is a member of several organizations. It takes part in their activities, such as annual meetings, forums or conferences.

The CQM is an active member of several organizations and committees including:
  • The Canadian Conference of the Arts
  • The Canadian Arts Coalition
  • Les Arts et la ville Association
  • Le Conseil québécois des resources humaines en culture (CQRHC)
  • Culture Montréal
  • Le Mouvement pour les arts et les letters
  • The Arts-Éducation industry table
These groups organize several representational activities but the CQM also organizes various interventions related to current topics and its action plan.

A founding member of the Mouvement pour les arts et les lettres (M.A.L.),
the CQM continues to participate actively in the Mouvement. It sits on the strategic committee and as such plays a very active role since its founding. (French only)